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This site is aimed at music production, but every once in a while I’d like to take a time out and review and recommend some of my favorite artists.

Anyway, KOAN Sound – comprised of producer duo Will Weeks and Jim Bastow – just released their “Dynasty” EP, which came as somewhat of a surprise, since KOAN also released “Sanctuary” relatively recently.  They’ve managed 4 songs with some gorgeous geometric cover-art.  “7th Dimension” ties in first with “Dynasty” for my favorites, and the more relaxed “Lost In Though” and “Infinite Funk” come next.

7th Dimension

What and where is the 7th dimension?  It’s apparently a place filled with lots of funk.  This song is one of the more different songs I’ve heard coming from KOAN, in a very, very good way.   This is definitely one of my favorites – though, so is “Dynasty”.  I can’t just choose one, as both are completely different in terms of style and energy.




KOAN, utterly fantastic at creating weirdly organic textures, is a master of sound design.  “Dynasty” sounds a lot like wet mouth sounds, but somehow with good connotation.  The drums are crispy but wet.  Delicious.



Infinite Funk

This wasn’t one of my favorites, but like all of KOAN’s work, it’s perfectly mixed and designed.  I just find it a tad boring; it has all this potential energy and bounce, but it never quite evolves. It’s superb background music – I’m not too keen on it for everyday listening.



Lost in Thought

“Lost In Thought” is another subdued and partially ethereal tune, somewhat similar in style to the songs on Sanctuary.  The intro and outro of this track is gorgeous – especially the airy pads that slowly sneak  their way into the mix.



Song-get install

“Dynasty” is currently available off of Google Play for $3.99, and free to stream on Spotify.  I’m unsure about other platforms, but I would assume all major distributors carry a copy as well.  Definitely worth it.

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