Some Updates


We’ve got some news about the site that are pretty (semi) exciting.

  1. welcomes Chris “Neonstorm” as a writer and podcast-er.  He’ll be reviewing free VSTs in the video series “Knobs” soon to come out on this site.  Chris is a long-time music producer currently studying music composition.
  2. Speed for the site has been greatly increased.  I did some housekeeping, cleaning, and caching to eliminate those nasty multi-second load times.
  3. UPDATE TO UPDATE: That’s right – we’ve moved the blog to instead of!  Because of some very technical things involving different CMS systems, many features have been broken on the older site.  I’ll be working to fix them!

Just a short update.  Stay tuned for more stuff.

Also, if you’d like to contribute to this site or suggest a review, email me at


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