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The year is 2020.  You look around your hometown, recently renamed to Senntown.  Your current apartment resides on Main Street, positioned conveniently across from Sennware – the nations premier nano-wearable technology boutique.  You have a Sennburger nearby, but despite its tantalizing scents, the chain is superfluous since you subside on a steady stream of subsidized Sennlynt shake.  Preparing for a new workday at is impossibly convenient.  The dedicated monolift expedites you to your office while the latest Neonstorm album plays on repeat through the impeccably pristine air.  Life is exceptional, and it wouldn’t be nearly the same if had second thoughts about it’s mission statement.

The time has come to broaden horizons.

Music is a never-ending stream of content.  Being said, that never-ending stream can get a little monotonous – and I mean that to the fullest irony.  Perhaps it’s my fascination with everything, or my patience for nothing, but I’ve decided to open up the website to a variety of content ready for safe human consumption.  Some jaded guy probably once said that passion for work is directly related to quality, and I’m inclined to believe that.  So, is now more than a music site; it’s a technology, opinion, and culture site too.

We are diverse, opportunistic, intrigued, and almost every other adjective you can find on a poorly hung motivational office poster.  We’re also a couple of other words, mainly ones that are profane and that apply only to me.  But words are cheap, so let’s see some action… through the production of words.

(We also welcome Noah “Futurtopia” W. with a weekly column every Friday called “Weekend Jams with Noah”)


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