Rave Advisory: Vanic & machineheart – Circles

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Melodic dubstep, chill trap, and outstanding feel good music all encompass the style of Vancouver-based music producer VANIC. For more than a year, the multi-genre music producer responsible for remixes of songs from artists such as Lana Del Rey, Birdy and CHVRCHES, has amassed hundreds of thousands of online plays via his Soundcloud. So what new surprises does this budding artist have to show his audience?

It’s a production called, “Circles.”

The song starts with a mellow guitar lead, introducing the mood and unique – yet encouraging – personality of the song. From that guitar, we come to hear a trap-esque percussion, a deep sine-wave bass, and vocal by Stevie Scott of machineheart leading up to an ‘drop.’

If it’s any surprise, this variant of the song has just hit its 700,000th view on Soundcloud after just under a month since its upload. The song has been soaring in past weeks, reaching #1 on Hype Machine on the sixth of July and becoming a consistent topic of conversation in the blogosphere across a variety of social networking sites.

It’s ideal to think of this song as a rework on top of the originally composed and produced by machineheart. But nonetheless, this rework is pounding and receiving a lot of attention. This song should definitely be a song that deserves your attention now and if it makes it any better: it’s free for download everywhere now.

Vanic delivers on a signature sound when he makes his productions and i’m personally intrigued now more than ever to see where his newfound popularity will take him and his artistry.


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