Microsoft skips 9 and releases Windows 10


Today, Microsoft released the technical preview of the next generation of the Windows line.  Code-named Windows Threshold internally, Windows 10 offers a slew of new features, including better support for desktop devices and a smaller start menu – features that were sorely missed by many with Windows 8.  Metro apps, which are always full-screen in Windows 8, are now resizable like normal desktop applications in 10.  Windows 10 also employs multiple desktops, which until now were only enjoyed on Mac’s OS and Linux systems.

Windows 9 isn’t a thing.

Visually, Windows 10 looks extremely similar to Windows 8, even to the point where the two could be confused.  As of now, both operating systems keep the same traditional icon set of Windows 7.  However, it is important to note that this release is a technical preview – meaning it will change before the consumer version hits the market.  Windows 10 has a new icon – a metro style file browser – that might indicate a revamp of the desktop visuals.

But why skip to Windows 10? Zdnet reports that “…they wanted to signify that the coming Windows release would be the last ‘major’ Windows update.”  In other words, Microsoft is planning smaller incremental updates to Windows 10, instead of releasing a whole new OS every few years.


  • KuRue

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    Installed the preview on my Bay Trail tablet yesterday, previously running 8.1, and I seems to work pretty well; although it is very similar to 8.1 in many ways. My favorite feature so far has to be the windowed metro apps.

    • Alexander Lozada

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      Agreed. That’s a big plus for desktops. I love codewriter, but using it on a desktop is a huge hassle. Also wanna try remote desktops.


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