Minecraft Composer Signs Physical Release deal for “Alpha”

minecraft: volume alpha

Over the last few years, the stunning and familiar music of Minecraft has been a defining factor in the game’s development and beauty. So for many, the name C418 might be a familiar one by now. Daniel Rosenfeld is the man behind the eclectic four letter alias responsible for the releases of both Minecraft albums, a soundtrack for the Minecraft Documentary, and several personal [non-Minecraft related.] For the last ten years, Rosenfeld has practiced his artistic talent independently, producing his four official LPs entirely from his home studio in Germany. However, that independence has slightly changed, as it was announced that C418 had closed a deal to do a physical release of his first Minecraft album, Minecraft: Volume Alpha. The announcement has been expected by many fans, perhaps implied by the in-game music disks, since the album’s release and integration into the game.

Ghostly International, the label representative of Shigeto, Tycho, and many more, is behind this collaborative effort with Rosenfeld. The release details an LP, CD, and Limited Edition (of 1000) LP. The Limited Edition variant of the LP will be pressed on transparent green vinyl and bundled with a 3D lenticular cover. The track list for the LP includes a selection of 12 of the 24 tracks from the original album. The CD, however, includes the entirety of the soundtrack.

The physical sales are expected to ship starting August 22nd. Nevertheless, pre-orders have already began popping up on a number of online retailers and Ghostly is expected to follow, per their usual publication policy, to direct sell the soundtrack via their official store come release day.

The track list for the LP release can be previewed below:

A1. Subwoofer Lullaby
A2. Living Mice
A3. Moog City
A4. Haggstrom
A5. Minecraft
A6. Clark

B1. Mice on Venus
B2. Dry Hands
B3. Wet Hands
B4. Sweden
B5. Cat
B6. Danny


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