(We’re ironically trendy, which is ironically more trendy than if we were genuinely trendy.)

Alexander “Senntenial” Lozada

I like too many things.  I’m into design, music, and computers – so I guess websites are my natural habitat.  I’ve been into music as a hobby for well over 12 years, starting early with classical piano.  My passion is technology, and its creative outlets.  I’m the admin of everything ever. Trendy.

trendable dude
Chris “Neonstorm” Wood

Lots of people say that music is their life. Only a few people make it their life.  I started out playing piano when I was 6, and ever since, there hasn’t really been much else other than music. It’s been one right after the other: piano, producing, composition… Now, I’m at Duquesne studying it all. I’m just that guy, and I’m here to broaden my horizons.

chris wood



Noah “Futurtopia” W.

I’m infatuated with the pursuit of perfecting experience and feeling in media. It’s why i’m interested in the mediums of music, writing, art, video, photography and so on. I have spent close to eight years, producing content in the hope that one day it would provoke a feeling and euphoria to individuals who genuinely cared about it and listened. I’m all about getting a reaction.

Noah W

Why does this site exist?

I was inspired by both VST Cafe and Vox Media’s “The Verge” to create a website that is music technology-centric.  The purpose of this website is to give helpful insight to electronic music producers.


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